An Important Message To Our Valued Customers

Valmont Industries, Inc.® takes pride in our long history of being a trusted partner with our customers, while also ensuring our employees’ safety at all times. During these quickly evolving times, we wanted to be transparent about our efforts to ensure we continue to meet our commitments to you, our customer, while also providing for the safety and security of our employees and the communities we serve. In response to COVID-19, we have activated our business continuity plan encompassing all company divisions and the regions in which we operate. Actions to safeguard our employees, protect our supply chain, and maintain continuous production are being executed now and will evolve as the situation develops. Valmont® has compiled a cross-functional team to continue to monitor this evolving situation. We also continue to closely monitor the very latest information from a number of sources, including but not limited to, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), various medical experts, global government agencies, and our own internal subject matter experts.

In the event that a limited quarantine occurs at a Valmont manufacturing facility, we have a process in place that will allow the workload to be analyzed, potential delays identified, and information provided to any affected customers. Valmont has a robust global footprint with 87 manufacturing facilities, which allows us the unprecedented ability to shift work, not only among our U.S. based plants, but also throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America as critical need arises. Many of our sites have overlapping capabilities and can produce the same products and orders for the markets we serve. Uniform quality processes and common manufacturing systems allow for repeatability and redundancies across Valmont’s footprint, making Valmont uniquely equipped to adapt as regions and countries are affected by the COVID-19 virus. Further, many of our products meet the critical infrastructure sector classifications, giving us a unique opportunity to continue serving those industries.

We are continuously assessing the risk for our facilities and our suppliers. Valmont product requires a limited set of inputs; these input sources are being constantly monitored and updated to ensure reliability of supply. Company-wide protocols are in place to identify any supply chain weakness that would be impacted by localized quarantine. In such events, we will implement inventory plans or alternative supply plans.

Valmont requests that all customers be available for discussion in the event of further disruption and help to prioritize product if the need arises. Safety of our people, customers and suppliers, as always, is our primary focus.