Valmont® Sustainability
Conserving Resources & Improving Life for 75 Years
Making the World Better through Sustainable Practices and Technology

Our tagline of Conserving Resources. Improving Life.® captures what we do—and why we do it. That was the case before sustainability was a trend, and increasingly, one leads to the other. Valmont works constantly to improve our operational efficiency while developing infrastructure and irrigation products that reflect our commitment to environmental stewardship. As we do so, we help to improve the standard of living for the world’s rapidly growing population.
Signing on for Sustainability and Food Security
The recently signed Agreement on Investments with the Government of Kazakhstan provides for the construction of a plant in Kazakhstan to manufacture Valley pivots, with an annual production capacity of at least 1,000 center pivot and linear irrigation machines. Valmont and Kusto have registered their Joint Venture with the Astana International Financial Centre in Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan.
Askar Mamin
Prime Minister of Kazakhstan
“We are excited to collaborate with the recognized global leader in mechanized irrigation. We welcome Valley Irrigation’s world-class technology and production capability to Kazakhstan. This project will be an advantage to local farmers by helping them produce greater yields with less water and energy, as well as bringing increased food security to the region overall.”
Empowering the World’s Most Important Resource: People
Acting Locally and Globally to Make an Impact
Valmont strives to positively impact the lives of people every day. This goal is part of our daily work, but extends beyond that. Similar to the way our products empower communities and bring people together, we acknowledge our corporate responsibility to promote charity, equality, diversity and safety.
Inclusion and Diversity: None of us is as strong as all of us
At Valmont, we celebrate diversity and individuality in a spirit of inclusion and support. We value differing perspectives and see inclusion and diversity (I&D) not only as an element of corporate responsibility, but as a key driver of innovation—finding new and better ways to grow our business worldwide.

We have set an I&D goal of a 50% increase in people of color representation within our workforce by 2025 and double by 2030.

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Human Capital Strategy
Valmont has taken a more strategic and global view of human capital. Our goal is to nurture diversity of thought and become a destination for world-class talent across all demographics. One important driver fostering diverse and unique points of view across our enterprise is Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).
Current ERGs
  • The Women's Leadership Council
  • Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Advancement (HOLA)
  • Indian-American Leadership Council
ERGs Launching in 2021
  • Valmont YP
  • LGBTQ+
  • African-American Leadership Council


Protecting the Planet
(in Big and Small Ways)
Because of impacts on our employees, customers and communities, Valmont is committed to conserving resources. We never stop improving our sustainability performance, because efficiency has no finish line.
Carbon Intensity Goal
reduction in carbon emissions/Millions $ revenue by close of 2025.
Revised Global Electricity Goal
additional reduction in normalized electricity usage by 2025.
Global Combustion Fuel Goal – Mobile – Source Carbon Emissions
reduction in normalized carbon emissions from scope I mobile emissions.
Water Standard
of Valmont global manufacturing facilities to adopt low-flow water fixtures for nonproduction areas by close of 2025.
Valmont Green Teams
We center our sustainability program on more than 80 Green Teams around the world. These cross-functional teams monitor energy and resource use at their sites, then develop and implement conservation efforts to improve performance. Our corporate sustainability team reviews and verifies the best ideas, then communicates them across Valmont. This grass roots approach to sustainability reflects our dedication to employee engagement and results, as shown below:
Yerkin Tatishev
Kusto Group Chairman
“This partnership will enable Kazakhstan to unlock its enormous agricultural potential. Valley brings more than 75 years of experience that will help our farmers and growers create sustainable incomes, create new jobs and fulfill the goal of helping Kazakhstan become a global food provider to the world.”
Ruslan Dalenov
Former Minister of National Economy
“This agreement will stimulate further development of the agricultural industry in Kazakhstan, as well as enhance our food security. I am sure close cooperation with companies like Valley and Kusto will have a positive effect on our economy.”
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