The Vision That Guides Us
Valmont® is recognized throughout the world as an industry leader in engineered products and services for infrastructure, and water conserving irrigation equipment for agriculture. We grow our businesses by leveraging our existing products, markets and processes. We recognize that our growth will only create shareholder value if, at the same time, we exceed our cost of capital. Essential to our success is a company-wide commitment to customer service and innovation, and the ability to be the best cost producer for all products and services we provide. Recognizing that our employees are the cornerstone of our accomplishments, we pride ourselves on being people of passion and integrity who excel and deliver results.

The Values That Drive Us
The ideals below are the foundation of Valmont’s 70+ years of growth, and the reason we are able to maintain our position at or near the top of every industry we serve.

  • Passion - We have a passion for our products, services and customers.

  • Integrity - We operate with absolute integrity.

  • Continuous Improvement - We strive for continuous improvement, removing waste everywhere with a true sense of urgency.

  • Deliver Results - We consistently deliver results.