Your Lines. Your Customers’ Trust. Your Reputation.

There are more than just lines attached to your power distribution poles. By supporting your power line, each distribution pole carries with it the trust that you’ll provide power all day, every day. We offer alternatives to wood distribution poles—steel, spun concrete, hybrid—that are deemed to be superior by nearly every industry standard. In addition to being more reliable, our alternative to wood poles will save you money over the life of the pole. The way we see it, it’s your reputation and ours that are on the line. Learn more at our Valmont Utility website.

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Employment Opportunities

A world full of potential is waiting for you to explore. Search our global career opportunities.

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Valmont (VMI) is a recognized global leader in support structures for civil infrastructure and water management for agriculture.

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80 facilities around the world allow Valmont to effectively partner with clients in over 100 countries. And, make a real global impact.

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