An internship at Valmont will help you gain valuable work experience, as well as a chance to develop and refine skills. Just as important, a Valmont internship will expose you to many different opportunities that could spark an interest for the rest of your career.
Valmont is improving the lives of people every day in creating sustainable infrastructure that helps to preserve the world around us. You’ll become part of something bigger than yourself, helping people for generations to come by feeding the world through efficient irrigation, enabling more widespread energy distribution and more reliable communication.
At Valmont, our daily work is conserving resources and improving life. At the heart of this is an acknowledgement that to achieve this goal, our most important resource has to be our employees. Their different backgrounds, characteristics, skills and viewpoints are important aspects in moving us forward as a company.
In the same way our products empower communities and bring people together, we unite diverse individuals and perspectives to achieve great things.
Why intern at Valmont?
We're a company where it's easy to have multiple careers without ever leaving, because our segments and their professional needs are so diverse. And with operations around the world, you'll have the opportunity to execute work on a global scale.
80% of our interns move into full-time roles.
We often hire our best interns into full-time positions once they graduate. Over the last few years, Valmont has seen 80% of our interns either continue on as an intern or move into a full-time job.
An internship for every interest
& Drafting
Research &
Finance &
Sales &
Health &
Operations &
Supply Chain
Part-time internships are available during the school year with full-time intern positions open for the summer break.
A rewarding internship experience inside and out.
Don't wait for the opportunities
Valmont has for you.

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