Answering the Call
Valmont business segments
We do business in two key segments, Agriculture and Infrastructure, and serve eight diverse markets: Utility, Lighting and Transportation, Telecom, Renewable Energy, Coatings, Irrigation and Ag Tech. Across our business and around the world, we are united in one purpose: delivering products, services and solutions that enable us to continue Conserving Resources. Improving Life.®️
  • Sixty percent of commercial and residential lighting poles in the United States are Valmont poles.
  • As a market leader in telecom, we've helped grow global internet use from 4.1 billion in 2019 to more than 4.9 billion in 2021, connecting more people — even in remote and challenging environments.
  • Impacts from climate-related events in 2021 alone totaled $145 billion. To combat this, 92% of our Utility business is supporting the rise in renewables and grid hardening across the globe.
  • Valmont-built irrigation equipment irrigates approximately 25 million acres (10 million hectares) around the world annually, representing nearly a 50% market share worldwide.
  • Our solar solutions generate 2.7GW of energy, enough to power more than 2 million homes a day.
  • Our 123,000+ connected (IoT) agricultural devices have reduced CO2 emissions by 890 MT and help save 4 trillion gallons of freshwater annually.
  • Our smart infrastructure solutions help reduce global transportation emissions by 25%.
  • Valmont Coatings can extend the life of vital infrastructure for a projected service life of 100 years, and the steel remains 100% recyclable.


Innovative solutions take leadership, and statistics like these are evidence that Valmont is a trusted leader, answering the call to solve the world's challenges.